Easter Photo Shoot Fun


“Here comes Peter Cottontail

hoppin’ down the bunny trail,

hippity hoppity,

Easter’s on its way!”


I know, it certainly does not feel like spring today with the early morning snow and the strong, chilly wind.  Brrrrrr! Our county is actually on spring break this week. I guess that’s why it is common for families to spend spring break in Florida or Mexico, where it is warm and sunny, not freezing cold.

So, anyway.

While I don’t have plans to subject Jensen to the Easter bunny for pictures this year,

easter bunny3 easter bunny4 easter bunny easter bunny2

(sorry, I couldn’t resist adding those creepy Easter Bunny photos) :)

I did make him dress up in an adorable suit and chase him through my parents’ field, desperately trying to capture the “perfect” shot.  I was out of breath after this photo shoot! Good thing we didn’t have a professional do them.  I’m not sure a professional photographer would deal with such a spirited little child ;)


I captured one good shot of him in his wagon. I thought the wagon would be the perfect prop, since he loves riding in it. But it’s like he knew I desperately wanted him in it, so he wanted nothing to do with it.



I got two good shots with the chicks, which I also thought would be a great prop. He looked at them for a bit and then was off running. We had to get the chicks back inside quickly since it was chilly out.



The rest of the pictures I captured while chasing him all over the field.


I just love that smile!

DSC06268-2 DSC06278-1DSC06282-4




What a stud muffin! Don’t you agree?!


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